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This World Is Not My Place – Pretty Lady Causes Stir With Emotional Suicide Note


Aug 16, 2022

An Akwa Ibom-based skincare therapist, Precious Peters, battling depression has left suicidal notes on social media leaving her friends and followers worried.

Precious in a series of notes posted on her Facebook  on Tuesday, August 16, said that death was peaceful and the world is not for her.

She also asked her loved ones to pray for her so that her soul may find peace in death.

“Very very soon. The testimony you expected will be a tribute to me from the mouths of those who truly cared. I came to this world, I sojourned but this world is actually not my place. I have beautified myself with pain and glory in tears, but soon, I will only watch the world from a distance. I will only read from shadows…the tributes you will write to me. Death is peaceful, don’t be deceived.” she wrote.

Precious in another post dated three day ago, spoke about her mental health.

“Once I conquer this phase of depression, trust me, an alien is created.” She wrote

This article was originally published on Naija News