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Canada-Based Nurse Drowns During Facebook Live


Aug 22, 2022

A 24-year-old nurse, Hellen Wendy who is based in Canada has drowned after she went out swimming in a pool.

The sad incident was said to have occurred on August 18, Naija News understands.

According to Kenya.co.ke report, Hellen Wendy who worked as a nurse in Toronto died while swimming and live streaming herself on Facebook.

In the video shared on social media, the Kenyan lady was captured swimming successfully for about 10 minutes before she began to struggle and gasp for air.

After a while, she started to make gurgling sounds whilst kicking and screaming.

At about 11:54 minutes, she made the last sound as the video went silent and the water went still.

Her body was reportedly discovered three hours later, the report added.

Speaking about her death, Helen’s father, John Nyauto Kiyondi, a retired teacher, who sold hardware for her to be able to relocate to Canada, said he did not realize why the video was trending.

I watch the clip from my phone. I saw that my daughter was swimming excitedly. I did not see anything unusual.

”She was just swimming and talking to her camera, and she looked happy. However, i saw people writing sorrowful comments and i did not understand why the video was bad news, until someone called from Canada to tell me my daughter was dead.”

This article was originally published on Naija News