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Nigerian Prophet Reveals Why Being An ‘Olosho’ Is Better Than Graduates In Nigeria


Aug 22, 2022

A Nigerian Prophet, Oba Solomoni, has bemoaned the devastating situation of learned working-class persons in the country.

In a recent live video, the prophet said the value of education has gravely depreciated due to ill-treatment most graduates are subjected to.

He further stressed that, unlike the graduate, a commercial s3x worker gets to receive more money and assurance of a better further than the university graduates who labors and toyed hard in school.

Prophet Oba maintained that the situation has driven him to weep for them.

Speaking in the shared video, he said; ‘‘When I think about Nigeria, I cry, especially for you graduates, I cry everyday.

”You wake up everyday and suffer to go to school, they get a Job and they get owed salaries, they live like that until they retire and when they retire they have no pension.

“Why then did they go to school?

“The way it is, Olosho (prostitute) is better than a Graduate in Nigeria.

“I cry for graduates.”

This article was originally published on Naija News