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Ex-Bishop Contesting For Alaafin Questions Oyo Chiefs On ‘Unusual’ Process


Sep 15, 2022

A retired bishop of the Methodist Church Nigeria, Ayo Ladigbolu, contesting the vacant position of the Alaafin of Oyo has raised questions over the screening process that will lead to the emergence of a new Alaafin of Oyo.

Ladigbolu is set to appear for screening before kingmakers on Thursday (today).

Other princes have since taking turns to appear before the kingmakers who shortlisted 86 of them, after they had shown an interest for the position.

However, the 84-year-old retired bishop in a letter addressed to the Oyo Chiefs raised questions, thus demanding an explanation on how the 49 names of interested princes submitted by the Agunloye family to Babayaji ended up as 86 names.

Ladigbolu wrote, “How are you going to resolve the controversy concerning the number of princes tabled by the Agunloye family, which is 49, and the 86 tabled by Babayaji? I hope it is not that wheat has been mixed with the chaff.

“Have the chiefs and Atiba Local Government authorities found a way to differentiate between the authentic princes and the fakes? What will happen to the N200, 000 which will be paid by those who are not authentic princes?

Seeking further clarification, he asked, “What is the total number of chiefs that currently constitute the Oyomesi itself? Are all the chiefs taking part in the ongoing screening of princes?

“The whole world knows that only six chiefs are required as stipulated in the law guiding the selection of a new Alaafin (Declaration 1961). The chiefs are Basorun, Agbaakin, Samu, Akinniku, Alapinni and Laguna.

“The whole world also knows that Alapinni is ill, which has been preventing him from attending meetings.

“Does the law permit Alapinni to delegate a representative to the meeting?”

This article was originally published on Naija News