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2023: Shettima Discloses Reason He Compared Tinubu’s Leadership To Abacha


Sep 16, 2022

2023: Tinubu And I Will Replicate What We Did In Lagos, Borno For Nigeria - Shettima

The All Progressives Congress (APC) vice presidential candidate, Kashim Shettima has clarified the reason he compared his principal Bola Ahmed Tinubu to former autocratic ruler Sani Abacha.

Naija News recalls that the former governor of Borno stated earlier said that Tinubu, will offer a kind of Sani Abacha leadership.

However, In a statement on Friday, Shettima explained that his views were misrepresented “to settle partisan scores”.

He said that the video of the speech he made in Lagos was in the public space for all to see.

He said; “I never attributed hospitality to Abacha in my speech.

“I did a rundown of our past presidents and played up “the taciturnity and a dose of the ruthlessness of a Sani Abacha”.

He explained that what he meant by his comment was that strongmen like Abacha are needed to put an end to the insecurity plaguing the country.

To deal with the nonstate actors who’ve turned Nigeria into a vast killing field”.

“I was quick to tease the audience, appreciating the humour hovering around the hall, with the familiar jibe that nice men don’t make good leaders.

“By nice men, I meant those who get easily manipulated and pressured to divert state resources to appeal to private expectations”, he added.

This article was originally published on Naija News