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Items That May Be Buried With Queen Elizabeth II


Sep 19, 2022

The historic funeral of Queen Elizabeth II has commenced with a lying-in-state of her body at Westminster Abbey which was attended by world leaders before a last ceremonial journey through London streets packed with sorrowful mourners.

Recall that Britain’s long-serving monarch died on 8 September 2022, at Balmoral Castle, United Kingdom (UK), at the age of 96.

The Queen’s remains will be laid to rest at the same place hosting what is the remains of her parents, sister and the late Duke of Edinburgh, Prince Philip, her husband of nearly 74 years at Windsor Castle.

What will be buried with the Queen?

According to reports, some of the majestic items in the royal collection will not be buried with the Queen, however, the body of the queen will reportedly be laid to rest with the simplest of adornments.

In the British tradition, items close to members of the Royal Family are buried with them in death.

Although, the queen’s funeral was a closed-casket service, with details of her final outfit and accessories unknown, but it is believed by Lisa Levinson, head of communications at the Natural Diamond Council, that queen will be buried with only a few pieces of jewelry, which includes pearl jewellery and mementoes.

“Her Majesty is an incredibly humble woman at heart who is unlikely to be dressed in anything but her simple Welsh gold wedding band to rest and a pair of pearl earrings,” Levinson told Metro

Like the late queen, late Duke of Edinburgh was buried with his personal items, this includes a military effects, notably his naval office cap and his sword which were placed on top of his coffin during the procession to St George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle.

Also, famously in mourning since the death of her husband, Prince Albert, Queen Victoria passed away at the incredible age of 81 in January, 1901 buried in black clothing, with her and her husband’s wedding rings.

Also included in Victoria’s coffin was one of Albert’s dressing gowns and an elaborate cape made by her daughter Princess Alice, who passed away from diphtheria in 1878, for her husband.

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