Outlook for the economy brighter than many think: CIBC’s Royce Mendes — podcast

The good news is that an economic recovery is already within sight, this economist says.

It’s 2021, a new year, a chance to turn the page and to look forward.

With vaccines for the COVID-19 virus already being distributed, economists have started to think about a post-pandemic recovery.

This week’ episode of Down to Business features Royce Mendes, executive director and senior economist at CIBC Capital Markets.

Mendes sees a lot of “pent up demand” for restaurants and travel and predicted that demand for mundane but necessary services like visiting a doctor or seeing a massage therapist would come roaring back as vaccine distribution advances.

While the pandemic’s recovery has been uneven, and lower wage earners, particularly in the restaurant industry, continue to feel pain, Mendes said the good news is that an economic recovery is already within sight.

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