End Jew Hatred Protests Outside of Twitter CEO’s Home

Various Jewish activists involved with the organization End Jew Hatred, which describes itself as a Jewish grassroots civil rights movement, drove by Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey’s home in California and played audio recordings of Holocaust denial tweets through megaphones.

Some of the tweets that were read out loud included “Joe Biden’s win is as fake as the Holocaust” and “the holohoax never happened but I want to do it again every single time,” among several others.

Brooke Goldstein, found of End Jew Hatred and executive director of The Lawfare Project, said in a statement, “Dorsey has banned the voices of political leaders he deems hateful. Yet he leaves on neo-nazi material. What kind of message does that send? That he endorses Jew hatred? That Jew hatred is socially acceptable? If denying [COVID-19] and its 1.6 million victims is wrong – then denying the Holocaust and its 6 million victims is wrong.”

She added: “Jack Dorsey: it’s time for you to end Holocaust denial and end Jew hatred on Twitter.”

During an October Senate hearing, then-Senator Cory Gardner (R-Col.) asked Dorsey what Twitter’s policy regarding Holocaust denial content.

“We have a policy against misinformation in three categories, which are manipulated media, public health, specifically COVID, and civic integrity, election interference and voter suppression,” Dorsey replied at the time. “We do not have a policy or enforcement for any other types of misleading information that you’re mentioning.” He added that Holocaust denial is “misleading information, but we don’t have a policy against that type of misleading information.”

Twitter did not respond to the Journal’s request for comment.

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