LAU: Monopoly school systems make even less sense now

It has been nearly a year since governments, on account of the coronavirus, shut down schools, and everything else. One thing that has become clearer over this period is the folly of a one-size-fits-all government monopoly school system. Even before the pandemic, it didn’t make sense—families have their own preferences and circumstances, and students have […]

Health officials can’t explain Dr. Tam’s ‘rocket ship’ modelling

Canadian government health officials were at a loss to explain why new federal modelling shows such a wild trajectory when they appeared at a House of Commons health committee hearing Friday. Earlier in the day, Dr. Theresa Tam presented new modelling forecasting COVID-19 cases. The slide deck presents charts about how cases and deaths across […]

AGAR: Here’s a novel idea to dealing with transit challenges

The town of Innisfil, Ontario is no longer the only community thinking outside the transit box to solve the issue of low ridership on some routes. Rather than run empty or very low ridership buses, the town offered riders the opportunity to call Uber with costs shared between rider and city. It seems that Innisfil […]

GOLDBERG: Both sides need to ditch whataboutism and condemn bad actors

As many feared, after President Joe Biden was inaugurated, a mob unleashed destruction. They stormed the Democratic Party headquarters. They spray-painted “(expletive deleted) Biden!” and smashed the Democratic HQ’s windows. One sign read, “We don’t want Biden, we want revenge!” Federal law enforcement used tear gas to repel the gangs of anti-democratic goons unwilling to […]

Buried Toronto schools report sheds new light on in-class COVID data

The detailed results of an asymptomatic testing pilot project conducted in Toronto public schools revealed that there is little undetected spread of COVID-19 occurring within classrooms and that parent-family positivity rates are much higher than that of students. Rather, the previously unreported chart obtained by the Toronto Sun appears to confirm what public health officials […]

‘LOCKDOWN ISN’T WORKING’: Ford caucus member breaks rank to speak out

'COVID is real, but the fear of COVID is exaggerated'

MACPHERSON: ‘Learning pods’ and why we should fund students — not systems

As COVID-19 threw education into flux, many families turned to educational alternatives including “learning pods,” a growing mini-schooling trend and another reason why provincial governments should support educational diversity. Across Canada, the pandemic has heightened interest in homeschooling, independent schools and learning pods. This fall, for example, the Toronto District School Board reported 5,500 fewer […]

FUREY: As officials demand more of us, we need to demand more from them

“Do more, do more, do more!” That’s the endless bleating coming from Canada’s political leaders and public health officials. And by do more, they of course mean “do less.” The walls are closing in on people as the number of things they can do, places they can go, goods they can purchase and people they […]

LAU: Pandemic policy overkill will do long-term harm

The coronavirus and current economic recession will pass when an effective vaccine becomes widely available, but a vaccine won’t solve all of Canada’s pandemic-related problems. The federal government has horribly mismanaged the pandemic and abused it to implement sweeping unrelated interventionist policies, including billions of dollars more in climate change spending, while many provincial governments […]

FUREY: Alberta offers even more data on COVID-19 deaths

Alberta continues to offer even more nuanced data about persons who have died from COVID-19 and the underlying conditions they were facing. The other week, the province revealed that over three quarters of Albertans who had died were also grappling “with 3 or more conditions.” As of last update, only 11 persons — or 2.3% […]