Cajun Navy Alerts Police to Chemical Plant Fire After Hurricane Laura

Reports from Lake Charles, Louisiana, indicate that members of the Cajun Navy notified officials that a chemical plant fire in the wake of Hurricane Laura could be a dangerous chlorine. Officials confirmed the fire, but have not disclosed if it is dang...

Hurricane Laura Winds Hit 150 MPH near Texas-Louisiana Coast

The 7 p.m. report from the National Hurricane Center indicates Hurricane Laura continues to strengthen as it approaches the Texas-Louisiana coastline. Officials now report sustained winds of 150 miles per hour.

Cajun Navy Deploys for Hurricane Laura: ‘Don’t Wait to Help Neighbors’

Members of multiple Cajun Navy groups say they are prepared to activate to help those who might be in distress after Hurricane Laura strikes Wednesday night. One said, "Cajun Navy won't let people suffer waiting on government red tape."

Hurricane Laura to Push ‘Unsurvivable Surge’ onto Texas-Louisiana Coast

National Weather Service officials called Hurricane Laura's expected storm surge "unsurvivable." The category 4 could push a storm surge as high as 15-20 feet onto the Eastern Louisiana coast and up to 15 feet on the far eastern Texas coast. The surge ...

Deported Killer Arrested on Train After Crossing Border into Texas

Del Rio Sector Border Patrol agents arrested a previously deported Mexican national with a murder conviction. The agents found the man hiding on a train after he illegally re-entered the United States.

Human Smuggling Interdiction by Air, Sea, Land Operation Yields 9 Arrests

Land, sea, and ground-based federal agents disrupted a human smuggler attempt off the coast of California led to the arrest of nine migrants. The smugglers attempted to use the cover of darkness to move the migrants in a panga from Mexico to California.

WATCH: BLM Activists, Trump Supporters Brawl in Park in Beverly Hills

Multiple videos tweeted on Saturday appear to show fights breaking out between Black Lives Matter activists, Antifa, and Trump Supporters, according to observers. In one video, people who appear to be law enforcement can be seen standing back and not i...