LILLEY: New vaccine announcement may impact election timing

Health Canada has approved the AstraZeneca-Oxford vaccine and doses could start arriving as early as next week — that’s the good news. The bad news is there aren’t enough doses to significantly move up the timeline for most Canadians seeking a vaccine shot. But what it means for the timeline of a federal election is […]

LILLEY: Ford warns Ontario headed in ‘frightening’ direction

So expect the province to impose stricter lockdown measures next week

LILLEY: America rises above the attempt at mob rule

What started as a rally to support Donald Trump’s claim he had won the presidential election devolved into an all out insurrection.

Inmates of Ontario prisons can wait their turn for COVID vaccination

“We've made a very clear decision as a government that our priorities are going to be long-term care residents, the staff that work within those facilities, as well as healthcare workers and critical volunteers who are in those facilities,” Ontario Solicitor General Sylvia Jones said.

LILLEY: Think tank suggests 1 more harsh lockdown, but will anybody buy it?

At the best of times, anybody trying to sell a hard national lockdown is going to have their work cut out for them — and this week would be even harder. The public is rightly skeptical of the political class telling them to stay home, that would just be ‘for a few weeks’ and we’re […]

LILLEY: Ontario starts to pick up its slow pace on vaccines

He’s apologized, said they shouldn’t have hit pause over Christmas and is promising to start getting needles into arms as soon as possible. Retired general Rick Hillier held a news conference Tuesday to explain his decision to slow the pace of vaccinations over Christmas. “In hindsight, it was a wrong decision. I think I acknowledged […]

LILLEY: Lockdown decision-makers immune to financial impact

The calls have been loud, the calls have been clear. Ontario’s medical establishment wants Premier Doug Ford to lockdown hard and fast, and many local political leaders, including Toronto Mayor John Tory, want the same. Longer lockdowns, stricter lockdowns and not tomorrow, they want this to happen yesterday. “Ontario’s doctors are calling for a lockdown […]

LILLEY: General Hillier takes command of Ontario’s vaccine distribution task force

General Rick Hillier — formally introduced Friday by Ontario Premier Doug Ford as the man heading up Ontario’s vaccine distribution task force — came prepared for the job. “This task force will be responsible for the largest vaccine rollout in a generation. A massive logistical undertaking, the likes of which is province has never seen,” […]

Ford calls out protesters for harassing neighbours

Protest at Queen’s Park, protest at his constituency office, but leave his neighbours alone Premier Doug Ford pleaded on Friday. Ford was reacting to a series of ongoing protests at his Etobicoke home that culminated with hundreds of people showing up Thursday, spending hours on his quiet suburban street. “Every single day,” he said, “there’s […]

LILLEY: Trudeau fumbles on vaccines while telling Canadians to look toward finish line

Canadians watching Prime Minister Justin Trudeau attempting to explain away why he has no answers on when we might see COVID-19 vaccines arrive relative to other countries might be forgiven for yelling out one of the internet’s favourite ripostes, “You had one job!” Asked time and again by reporters when we might see a vaccine […]