Moncton affordable housing entity faces do-or-die municipal vote Monday

Affordable housing funding is not part of municipal jurisdiction, but Coun. Charles Léger says the city is already paying the price for homelessness.

‘We’re at a breaking point’: Addressing mental health during COVID-19

"Hockey isn't only a passion of his, it's also a coping mechanism, a therapy," says Angie Daigle, whose son lives with anxiety

Major Moncton traffic circle project to repair its ‘really bad shape’; 2-week closure expected

A Department of Transportation and Infrastructure engineer said she expects the Halls Creek traffic circle to be closed for two weeks between Sept. 13-26.

Northeastern New Brunswickers want more focus from Fredericton when next government takes office

"Here up north, they only want our vote," says Neguac, N.B., resident Marcel Cyr.

Moncton bylaw ammendment would give city manager more authority over water supply

The bylaw ammendment is expected to receive second and third reading on Sept. 8.