Top 12 Lines of Mike Pence’s Republican National Convention Speech

Vice President Mike Pence delivered a stirring Republican National Convention speech on Wednesday at Fort McHenry in Baltimore, the site of the battle that inspired the Star-Spangled Banner.

Mike Pence to Joe Biden: ‘America Is a Nation of Miracles’

"Last week, Joe Biden said, 'no miracle is coming,'" Mike Pence said. "What Joe doesn’t seem to understand is that America is a nation of miracles, and we’re on track to have the world’s first safe, effective coronavirus vaccine by the end of this year...

Mike Pence Denounces Leftist Riots: ‘Let Me Be Clear, The Violence Must Stop’

Vice President Mike Pence on Wednesday directly addressed the violent rioting in America's major cities during his Republican National Convention speech.

Kayleigh McEnany: ‘I Want My Daughter to Grow Up in Donald J. Trump’s America’

White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany on Wednesday spoke at the Republican National Convention about President Donald Trump, endorsing him for reelection.

Donald Trump Sending Federal Law Enforcement to Kenosha, Wisconsin, to Help Quell Riots

"TODAY, I will be sending federal law enforcement and the National Guard to Kenosha, WI to restore LAW and ORDER!" Trump wrote on Twitter.

Preview: Night Three of Republican Convention Will Focus on Law and Order and ‘Land of Heroes’

The third night of the Republican National Convention will continue the celebration of America with the evening’s theme of "Land of Heroes."

Rasmussen Poll: Joe Biden Sinks After Democrat Convention

Former Vice President Joe Biden lost support after the Democrat National Convention according to a new poll from Rasmussen.

CNBC Swing State Poll: COVID-19 Fears Falling, Donald Trump Approval Rising

A CNBC poll of swing states reports likely voters are growing less concerned about COVID-19 and slightly more approving of President Donald Trump's job performance.

Melania Trump: Stop Violence and Looting in the Name of Justice

"I urge people to come together in a civil manner so we can work to live up to our shared American ideals," Melania Trump said. "I also ask people to stop the violence and looting being done in the name of justice and never make assumptions based on th...

Tiffany Trump: Judge My Father on ‘Results and Not Rhetoric’

Tiffany Trump spoke at the Republican National Convention on Tuesday, arguing that her father is a successful president despite the roar of opposition from the left and corporate media.