Millions of Texans still reeling from water disruptions after last week’s brutal Arctic blast

Although temperatures warmed up across storm-battered Texas Monday, water shortages and boil water advisories continued across portions of the state.       

‘Just a real mess’: 100M from the South to the East Coast in path of a new winter storm; 2.1M power outages across 8 states

Winter's brutal assault on the U.S., blamed for more than 30 deaths, will continue Thursday as another snowstorm roars across the nation.        

World’s oldest DNA discovered in 1.2-million-year-old mammoth teeth

The DNA, which is more than 1 million years old, was recovered from two specimens of steppe mammoth buried in the Siberian permafrost.        

Capitol rioter who wore fur hat, horns moved to jail with organic food as arrests continue

The Phoenix man who took part in the raid of the U.S. Capitol was moved Thursday to a jail that could give him his preferred food.        

Winter storm heads into New England after leaving up to 3 feet of snow in one Pennsylvania borough and blanketing New York City

The worst of the sprawling winter storm that dumped heavy snow on New York City Monday continued its slog into New England on Tuesday.        

New photos reveal massive canyon on Mars, the largest in the solar system, NASA says

Arizona's Grand Canyon may be awe-inspiring, but it's just "a scratch" compared to the Valles Marineris Canyon on Mars, new photos reveal.        

New Year’s Eve weather forecast: Snowy, stormy across southern U.S.

A snowy, damp and stormy New Year's Eve 2020 is in store for much of the South, forecasters predict.        

With some parts of the US ‘feeling like the North Pole,’ here’s who might get a white Christmas this year

After a mild, soggy Christmas Eve across a large portion of the eastern U.S., much colder weather is in store for Christmas Day.        

Monarch butterflies won’t get legal protection, despite meeting ‘endangered’ criteria

The U.S. government is delaying legal protection for the monarch butterfly because there are other higher-priority species.        

Asteroids aren’t completely random? Mass extinctions of Earth’s land animals follow a cycle, study finds

Widespread extinctions of land-dwelling animals – which include amphibians, reptiles, mammals and birds – follow a cycle of about 27 million years.