Horoscopes Feb. 25, 2021: Jameela Jamil, your energy is in high gear

Taurus, let others make the first moves.

Horoscopes Feb. 15, 2021: Amber Riley and Melissa Manchester share advice

Scorpio, stick close to home.

Horoscopes Feb. 11, 2021: Jennifer Aniston, don’t let negativity or a challenge ruin your plans

Gemini, romance is favored.

Horoscopes Jan. 26, 2021: Ellen Degeneres, let your creative imagination take over

Aries, be conscious of what's happening around you.

Horoscopes Oct. 17, 2020: Felicity Jones, tie up loose ends

Scorpio, stop making excuses.

Horoscopes Oct. 16, 2020: Kim Wayans, stay in control

Cancer, when in doubt, sit tight.

Horoscopes Oct. 7, 2020: Simon Cowell, connect with people who share your goals

Aries, don't let frustration get you down.

Horoscopes Oct. 4, 2020: Christoph Waltz, the right moves will enhance your life

Pisces, romance is in the stars.

Horoscopes Sept. 27, 2020: Meat Loaf, look for the good and the positive in every situation

Libra, avoid emotional spending.

Horoscopes Sept. 15, 2020: Prince Harry and Tom Hardy share advice

Gemini, inconsistency is apparent.