Netanyahu addresses Israel-Diaspora relations in Zoom call with Jewish leaders

ā€˜Mentsch of the highest orderā€™: Jewish teen helps register hundreds for vaccine

Benjamin Kagan, 14, spends up to 10 hours a day helping those in need access a vaccine.

Is Britney Spears the Esther of our time?

Spearsā€™s legacy seems to echo that of another woman whose sexuality has beguiled and discomfited for millennia: Esther.

The entertainment industry needs a reset. A new Black-Jewish alliance is ready for the job.

Together, our historically marginalized communities have greater power to fight against hate and intolerance wherever it is found.

The Jewish visionary who defended Allen Ginsberg and warned of Trumpā€™s Trojan horse

Born in Yonkers in 1919, Lawrence Ferlinghetti, founder of City Lights Bookstore, has died at the age of 101.

Why the anti-Putin protest movement divides Russian Jews

As Putin tightens his grip on Russian media, the courts and freedom of expression online, tens of thousands of Russian Jews are leaving.

New memoir captures the spirit of Purim and the American dream

ā€œConcealedā€ by Esther Amini portrays the Jewish American story of an immigrant family.

Nicole Malliotakis wants you to remember she voted against her party

In one of her first votes in Congress, Malliotakis voted to remove QAnon-affiliated GOP congresswoman from committee assignments.

On the delights of discovering a truly ā€˜essentialā€™ Jewish book

Even after his mother and newborn son were murdered by the Nazis, Avrom Sutzkever relentlessly fought the attempt to kill Jews and Jewish culture.

After spat over support of Trump, Young Israel council replaces entire board

The council represents more than 100 Orthodox synagogues across the country.