Scientists Identify New Whale Species In The Gulf

The Rice's whale can grow to 42 ft and is critically endangered, with fewer than 100 left.

Florida’s Vaccine Rollout Rife With Snags And Inequities

Gov. Ron DeSantis is touting the success of his policy providing COVID-19 vaccines to everyone 65 years and older in the state. But critics say the vaccine distribution favors some groups over others.

State Capitals Tighten Security Amid Threat Of Armed Protests Ahead Of Inauguration

The FBI is warning of protests and potential violence in all 50 capitals ahead of President-elect Joe Biden's inauguration. On Wednesday, President Trump urged that there be no violence of any kind.

Offshore Drilling Set To Begin Off Florida Alarms Environmentalists

The drilling is scheduled to start this month in waters off the Bahamas, just 150 miles from the Florida coast. It's raising alarms among environmental groups and businesses that rely on tourism.

Florida’s Governor Lifts All COVID-19 Restrictions On Businesses Statewide

Restaurants and bars in the state can now operate at full capacity. However, Gov. Ron DeSantis says local governments can keep limits in place if they're justified for health or economic reasons.

Reviving Air Travel And Florida Tourism

Florida's governor wants the traveling public to start traveling again. He wants the public to know that air travel is safe during the coronavirus pandemic and hopes tourists will soon return.

As Florida Combats COVID-19, Thousands Will Attend Miami Dolphins Games

When the NFL regular season begins, the Miami Dolphins plan to play in front of fans. But the stadium capacity will be limited to 13,000. A slew of safety precautions are also in place.