Harriette Cole: My neighbors were rude to my kids, and I feel like saying something

Maybe my sons should have spoken up, but I hate to see them treated badly.

Harriette Cole: My life is perfect, and I’ve run out of things to fix

Every year, I've improved myself. Now I've run out of resolutions.

Harriette Cole: My daughter wants to give her baby to strangers, not to me

I want to be a grandmother, but she's not budging.

Harriette Cole: My housemates are acting strange, and I think they’re up to no good

They seem to be lying to us, but why?

Harriette Cole: My son’s illness revealed a secret, and I’m devastated

My mom would never have told me if I hadn't asked her to give blood.

Harriette Cole: I’m afraid my husband is turning our gentle son into a bully

Plus: I've decided that if our kids won't help out, I'll give their dog away.

Harriette Cole: He talks about her too much, and I’m getting worried

I don't know what he has done, but I'm thinking about reprimanding him anyway.

Harriette Cole: How does a 4-year-old come up with a scheme like this?

Plus: I know my wife makes all of our money, but I don't like the way she spends it.

Harriette Cole: I don’t want to be a controlling jerk, but she was going against my plan

I asked for her help. I didn't ask for her ideas.

Harriette Cole: How can I get past the Election Day trauma?

Plus: I'm a single dad of 5 daughters, and I'm having trouble letting them grow up.