New Year’s Eve 2020: How to Celebrate

The year that seemed to drag on forever is finally coming to an end.

Dorothy Parker’s Ashes Are Returned to New York

Completing a decades-long journey, the writer’s ashes were disinterred in Baltimore and taken by train to their (latest) final resting place: Woodlawn Cemetery in the Bronx.

Kansas Candidate Who Admitted to Revenge Porn Is Back in the Race

Aaron Coleman, 19, had said he was dropping out of the race after winning the Democratic primary election for a Kansas House seat by 14 votes. Now he wants back in.

Here’s How Moving to Work Remotely Could Affect Your Taxes

The rules are complicated and vary by state, so accountants are advising taxpayers to keep track of how many days they spend working in each state.

Scott Peterson’s Death Sentence Is Overturned

The California Supreme Court upheld Mr. Peterson’s 2004 conviction for killing his wife, Laci Peterson, but it said the judge’s mistakes had denied him an impartial jury during sentencing.