Far fewer COVID-19 deaths in Illinois nursing homes, where residents and workers were prioritized for vaccination

COVID-19 cases and deaths at Illinois long-term care facilities have dropped to levels not seen since late summer, according to state data released Friday.

Prosecutors: Chicago woman who works for Aldi shatters window at different grocery store after being told to wear a face mask

A Chicago woman was charged with felony criminal damage after police said she smashed a grocery store window with a baseball bat over a dispute about her not wearing a face mask.

Is the COVID-19 pandemic growing or shrinking in Illinois? New website tracks a key metric.

A group of Illinois COVID-19 researchers has launched a webpage to try to help residents see and make sense of the latest pandemic trends, including one of the easiest metrics to understand: the reproduction rate.

A deadly second surge: COVID-19 fatalities hit a new record in Illinois nursing homes

A Tribune analysis found the surge in deaths was particularly steep outside the greater Chicago area, underscoring the challenges of keeping the virus out of nursing homes and assisted living facilities when infections are spreading in the surrounding ...

COVID-19’s true toll in Illinois is likely higher than reported. A closer look at ‘excess deaths’ in 2020.

The official COVID-19 death toll in Illinois may not account for at least 1,000 fatalities — and potentially far more — that could be attributable to the pandemic, according to a new Tribune analysis of federal data.

Illinois nursing home complaints not investigated for more than 3 months amid pandemic that killed thousands of residents

Illinois nursing home complaints not properly investigated amid pandemic that killed thousands of residents.