Trump often sees an American landscape of ‘losers’ and ‘suckers’

Analysis: The Atlantic's report that the president callously dismissed dead American soldiers stands to reinforce his past disregard for sacrifice.

The quiet part Trump won’t dare say out loud

Analysis: To make his argument for re-election, the president can't admit that he's in power right now — and the hellscape he projects on his opponent's election is already here.

Pence spreads fear to make his case against Biden

Analysis: Under a Biden administration, Americans would fear each other, the vice president suggested in a deceptive GOP convention speech.

Trump’s ‘alternate reality’ TV convention tests his beliefs about people

Analysis: The president evidently sees strength in deception. Voters seem to be growing wary of the gap between his reality and theirs.

Mixed messages at GOP convention highlight ‘Trump First’ party

Analysis: The president doesn't have a party platform, or an agenda that goes beyond bullet points. To win a second term, he's trying to convince voters that he is America.

Trump’s convention challenge: Overcoming the trust gap

Analysis: To win re-election, the president will try to sell the story that he's been a shining success and Joe Biden has failed — if his credibility problem doesn't get in the way.