Body-cam video to be released after Pittsburg cop shoots and wounds Oakland man

A 32-year-old Oakland man ignored commands to stay put before pointing a loaded gun at a Pittsburg Police officer, according to a police statement.

70-year-old African tortoise, a beloved preschool pet, beaten and stabbed by assailant

The 65-pound African sulcata tortoise underwent surgery Saturday night to extract two chunks of wood that were embedded in his shell, part of which had been dented by blows.

Pride, anticipation grow at Kamala Harris’ childhood elementary school

Berkeley’s Kamala Harris was “that little girl” bussed in the late 1960s from her flatlands neighborhood on Bancroft Way to help integrate this school in Berkeley’s upscale foothills.

Even if Biden wins, Bay Area Democrats are horrified 68 million voters backed Trump

Democrats had been praying for a euphoric Election Night, a bold repudiation of the divisive and chaotic years under Donald Trump. Instead, even as Joe Biden’s electoral path to the White House improved Wednesday, Democrats remained shell shocked that Trump didn’t just keep his base, he expanded it.

Motorcade stretches two miles to honor San Quentin prison guard killed by coronavirus

Tributes like this, with an honor guard and police escorts, bagpipes and a 21-gun salute, are usually reserved for law enforcement officers who die in the line of duty. Sgt. Polanco was killed by COVID-19.

In California’s largest wildfire, one ‘brother’ barely saves another

Their survival story is harrowing and their burns are horrendous --but their ordeal has brought closer together the self-described "Hill People" who live on these distant ranches in a place that is completely foreign to the 6 million people on the other side of the hill.

Video: “Flames were fully around me,” Alameda County firefighter says after “burnover” in bulldozer

The 25-second video shot by a fellow firefighter at 6 a.m. Aug. 16 is one of the first scenes of the destruction and danger caused by the hundreds of lightning strikes that lit up the sky early that morning and led to some of the biggest fires in state history.