Where Will Rush Limbaugh’s 15 Million Listeners Go Now?

No one will have a megaphone like his again. But podcasters, “26-year-old conservatives on Instagram” and Sean Hannity all fill the void.

Chris Wallace Struggled to Rein In an Unruly Trump at First Debate

In his second time moderating a presidential debate, the Fox News anchor attempted to reset the proceedings midway through.

TV Ratings for Biden and Trump Signal an Increasingly Polarized Nation

Fox News dominated ratings for the Republican convention, and MSNBC was the clear No. 1 for the Democrats’ gathering.

G.O.P. TV Ratings Fall Below Democrats, Despite Fox News’s Big Night

About 17 million tuned in on the Republican convention’s first night, compared with 19.7 million for the Democrats. Close to half of TV viewers at 10 p.m. were watching Fox News.

Networks’ Challenge: Covering a Live Convention When Falsehoods Fly

President Trump lobbed unsubstantiated claims during his Monday speech in Charlotte, N.C. TV broadcasters are trying to balance voters’ right to hear directly from their president with efforts to keep viewers informed of the facts.