Trump and Georgia candidates jockey to define the stakes of Tuesday’s runoffs

A last-minute scramble for messaging takes place ahead of a presidential rally and an election that will determine which party controls the Senate.

Civil rights groups lay out priorities for Biden’s Justice Department

A virtual conclave between civil rights leaders and the president-elect and vice president-elect centered on racial justice and equity.

Trump campaign displays doctored newspaper to question election outcome

“The media doesn’t select the President,” a since-deleted tweet said, accompanied by the image of an altered Washington Times front page showing Al Gore won in 2000.

George W. Bush congratulates Biden and Harris on election victory

The former Republican president said the incoming Democratic president “has won this opportunity to lead and unify our country.”

Trump team under fire for confusion about president’s condition

The White House and the president himself have been issuing vague or conflicting information, and sometimes none at all, since his Covid diagnosis.

Trump makes surprise appearance in motorcade

The masked president ventured outside and was seen waving from inside a black SUV, which passed cheering people standing close together, many of them not wearing masks.

Police reforms stall around the country, despite new wave of activism

"If we can’t win now, we suck,” one racial justice organizer says.

After Portland shooting, Trump and Biden allies trade blame for clashes across the country

Republicans say more chaos and violence are in store if Joe Biden is elected, while Democrats say what’s happening is “Donald Trump’s America.”

Trump campaign announces speakers for Republican convention

More than 70 people — including politicians, administration officials and the president’s family — will be featured over four days beginning Monday.

Pelosi, White House battle over Postal Service legislation

Mark Meadows says that legislation by the House doesn’t go far enough.