FAMILY KRYPTONITE? Superman & Lois’ Tyler Hoechlin soars to new heights as a dad & hubby 

WATCH BELOW as Sun Media National Entertainment Editor Mark Daniell interviews Tyler Hoechlin on his role as the Superman who also is a family man. What do YOU think? Tweet and Facebook us! And don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube Channel.

Tim Dolighan cartoon, Feb. 22, 2021

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Letters to the Editor, Feb. 22

LONELY TIMES  I am one of those people you describe in “No sympathy for hotel bird” (Letters to the Editor, Feb. 14). My husband and I moved here Sept. 30, 2019, thinking that we were moving to a place which provided the amenities described in the above-mentioned letter. Dec. 28, 2019, Bill passed away and […]

Gary Varvel cartoon, Feb. 19, 2021

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EDITORIAL: Canada’s COVID-19 outlook keeps improving

Last week we wrote an editorial in these pages celebrating the good news of declining COVID-19 cases all across the country. That day, the nation recorded 2,677 new cases of the virus. That’s down from a high of just over 10,000 in early January. It’s been quite a drop — and that drop has only […]

Sue Dewar cartoon, Feb. 17, 2021

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Letters to the Editor, Feb. 16

A CALL FOR UNITY Canadian society is at dangerous crossroads. We are now a society divided. Basically, we have divided into two opposing camps. One camp believing that the government’s actions regarding COVID (lockdowns, quarantines, travel restrictions, censorship, mandatory masking and rapid rollout of vaccines) are warranted. And another camp seeing these actions as unwarranted […]

Texas mom tackles man allegedly peering into daughter’s bedroom

“First instinct was to just make sure he didn’t go any further,” she said

Letters to the Editor, Feb. 12

LESSONS FROM ISRAEL Re “Ontario looks to learn from Israel’s vaccine rollout” (Antonella Artuso, Feb. 1): Glad to see Ontario’s COVID-19 science table is learning from Israel, the world’s leader on per capita vaccination. I know the Israeli health system as I practised there for a decade and also have most of my family there, […]

Mom dies after being thrown from van during baby’s abduction: Cops

Child's dad still at large