A Looming Disaster: New Data Reveal Where Flood Damage Is An Existential Threat

More than 4 million homes face financial losses from flooding. Communities where flood insurance is already unaffordable are facing potentially catastrophic damage.

Mediterranean Oil Spill Injures Wildlife, Closes Israel’s Beaches

Israeli authorities are still trying to pinpoint the source of a major oil spill that has polluted much of the country's coastline with chunks of tar.

After Days Of Mass Outages, Some Texas Residents Now Face Huge Electricity Bills

Texas allows companies to sell electricity at wholesale prices. When the price of electricity skyrocketed last week, that meant exorbitant bills for many residents who had been trying to save money.

Hope And Skepticism As Biden Promises To Address Environmental Racism

Environmental racism means that people of color experience more air and water pollution than white people, and suffer the health impacts. Can Biden change that?

Scientists Confirm Nevada Man Was Infected Twice With Coronavirus

It's the first confirmed case of coronavirus reinfection in the U.S. The case underscores that everyone should be social distancing and wearing masks, including COVID-19 survivors.

Longtime Climate Science Denier Hired At NOAA

David Legates, a professor whose research has been supported by fossil fuel companies, has been hired for a top position at the federal agency that oversees weather and climate forecasting.

Millions Of Pounds Of Extra Pollution Were Released Before Laura Made Landfall

Hurricane Laura hit an area known for its refineries and chemical plants. They released millions of pounds of air pollution when they shut down, and many air monitors are not functioning.

Everything Is Unprecedented. Welcome To Your Hotter Earth

Hurricanes, wildfires, heat waves and disease outbreaks are all a preview of our hotter future. Dramatically cutting greenhouse gas emissions would help.

Hurricanes Like Laura Are More Likely Because Of Climate Change

Hurricane Laura rapidly intensified before it made landfall. Abnormally hot water in the Gulf of Mexico helped it gain power.

Major Real Estate Website Now Shows Flood Risk. Should They All?

Millions of home listings on Realtor.com now include information about climate change-driven flood risk. But other real estate sites are holding off.