Anti-Facebook agitators see their moment under Biden

Joe Biden has said he’s no fan of Facebook. Now he has an opportunity to show it as he assumes landmark policy and legal battles against the company.

Pressure rises on Facebook, Twitter to rein in Trump as false claims spread

The social media companies are flagging the president's false claims of victory or fraud but the messages are still getting traction.

Facebook to reject election ads that prematurely declare a winner

The new policy marks a departure for the social media behemoth.

Judge hits pause on Trump administration’s WeChat ban

A judge has temporarily halted the ban on Chinese messaging app WeChat slated to go into effect Sunday night.

Trump approves Oracle’s proposed deal with TikTok

Oracle's CEO pledged to "ensure data privacy to TikTok’s American users, and users throughout the world."

Trump ‘very happy’ to keep TikTok alive if security issues resolved

The president offered no timeline for approving the deal but added it could come together "very, very fast."

Facebook’s ad shakeup could alter campaigns’ endgame plans

But the parties are split on whether President Donald Trump or Joe Biden stands to gain from the ban on new political ads in the election's final week.

TikTok sues Trump in attempt to stave off ban

"The President’s actions clearly reflect a political decision to campaign on an anti-China platform," the lawsuit says.