The Times recommends: Vote to support trust fund for long-term care

Investing the long-term care fund is a commonsense idea that passed both chambers of the Legislature with little opposition.

Police oversight is Legislatureā€™s duty

Decertification of law enforcement officers who commit wrongs must be a robust process. The Legislature must strengthen the state's process of holding police accountable for wrongdoing.

Kim Wyman is right: Make elections leader nonpartisan

End the partisan gamesmanship that clouds how voters should evaluate candidates to run state elections. The Legislature should make the office of secretary of state nonpartisan.

Durkan right to pause Seattle budget, policing changes

With major budget changes paused by Durkan, the Seattle City Council can listen to the broader community as it explores new spending plans and police reforms.

School-supply drive: Times readers offer students help and hope

Donations of every dollar amount are deeply appreciated.