8 people at universities in Chicago suffer eye injuries from paintball attacks

The greatest number of attacks appears to have been at the University of Chicago.

Dallas school district apologizes for assignment describing Kenosha shooter as ‘hero’

A high school teacher suggested Kyle Rittenhouse — charged with killing two during Wisconsin protests — was a possible hero alongside Gandhi and Malcolm X.

Court orders State Dept. to issue passport to gay couple’s daughter

The toddler, who was born in the U.K. via a gestational surrogate, was previously denied citizenship even though her married fathers are U.S. citizens.

Teacher reinstated after parents complained about Black Lives Matter, LGBTQ posters

A Texas school district backtracked after placing English teacher Taylor Lifka on leave over the posters in her virtual classroom.

As Richard Grenell addresses RNC, GOP platform still opposes gay marriage

The gay former ambassador and Cabinet official is scheduled to address the Republican National Convention even as the party reiterated its 2016 opposition to same-sex unions.

Gay mayor confronts ‘homophobic’ sex scandal ahead of primary

Congressional hopeful Alex Morse was accused of sexual misconduct, but subsequent reporting suggested a possible conspiracy. Can he bounce back?

He fled violence and sought safety in U.S. Now stuck in Mexico, he faces a health nightmare.

Daniel Fernandez fled political repression and HIV drug shortages in Venezuela. Now he’s stranded in Mexico, where AIDS, COVID-19 and violence threaten him.